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About Torn Reality

Welcome to Torn Reality!

It's not about the quantity of the bosses, but the quality of the raid.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Torn Reality. We are a 10 player Alliance raiding guild on the US Blackhand server with highly experienced players from all walks of life. We are a mature, fun, friendly, laid back guild. Each invidivual in the guild brings something different to the table. Our server is on the Central Time Zone.

Why are we a 10 player raiding guild? We like the close-knit intimacy of smaller raids. We like the challenge of raiding with a group that is small enough that everyone is a valued player.  That's not to say that 25 player raiding isn't fun, but it's just not for us.

All of us in the guild like to play for different reasons. We like to raid. We like to PvP. We like to complete achievements. We like to level up alts. We like to battle our pets. We like to help each other out. Most importantly, we like to enjoy our time together.  No matter what you're looking to do in game, someone here will share a common interest.  We are very social and most of us can be found in vent at any given time of day.

We are extremely excited for the Guild Achievement system. We continue to work together to gain as many achievements as possible to allow the guild to grow as a whole. We want to unlock all of the rewards so that way every member that contributes will reap the benefits.

Please take a look around and, if you like what you see, click "Apply to Guild" to submit your application.

When do we raid and what are we raiding?

We raid 10 man Siege of Orgrimmar. We also run Flex Raid as a guild.

Our server is on Central Time

Trash Heroes raids Wed/Thurs from 6p-9p server time.

We are currently recruiting a healer and a dps for this raid team.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for mature players who are interested in raiding, clearing content, gaining achievements, having fun and more!

We are very laid back, but we do mean business when it comes to raiding. We are looking for people who are willing to learn and progress, working together towards a common goal.

What do we expect from You?

1) RESPECT - Just like the Golden Rule: Treat your guildmates as you would like to be treated. We like to keep the drama to a low minimum.

2) INITIATIVE - You must be the one who wants to progress your character. We are not a leveling guild and we are not here to carry you through each raid handing you things on a silver platter.

3) ATTENDANCE - Each week's raid(s) will be posted via the in-game calendar.  You sign up by visiting the Guild Event portion of the guild info tab.  If you sign up for a raid, we expect you to be On Time and Prepared! Try to log on a few minutes early or remove yourself from whatever group you are in to get your invite, have all of your gear repaired, bring whatever reagents or food or flasks you might need, log onto ventrilo, and start making your way towards the raid location.

  • If you sign up for a raid and for some reason are unable to attend, we ask that you try to give us advance notice of your absence.  You can do this via in game mail to one of the officers. If you are unable to log on for some unforseen circumstance, please find an officer when you return to the game to explain the situation that occurred.

4) PATIENCE - Not everyone in the guild has the same level of experience when it comes to raiding.  Sometimes, we will have to stop to go over fights that some veteran raiders can do with their eyes closed.  We ask that you please be patient as we share our knowledge with the new raiders.  Remember - we were all new raiders at one point or another.

5) RAID TOOLS (to help you be prepared)

  • You must be able to hear Ventrilo (you don't have to speak, just be able to listen).
  • You must download and install the "Deadly Boss Mods" add-on (or an equivalent mod) to make it easier on yourself to keep up with the boss fights.
  • It is a good idea to do some research prior to a new encounter. There are in game tools (the dungeon journal) as well as out of game tools (youtube for videos) that can help you prepare.

What are some benefits of Membership?

We have a tiered ranking system which unlocks higher benefits based on rank.

Current benefits include:

  • Open Guild Bank Repairs for all member ranks
  • Tiered Access to All Bank Tabs
  • Free Flasks and Feasts for Raids
  • Quarterly raffles with big ticket items (mounts, pets, TCG items, and more!)
  • Montly Guild Incentive Program where you can win gold simply for donating mats to the guild bank
  • Ability to purchase various materials from the guild bank at a price highly discounted from the auction house rates
  • Access to Member Forums on this website
  • Access to our guild Facebook group

Who are Your Current Officers?

Below is a list of our current officers (and their alts). You can seek any one of them out in game to find out more information about our guild.

  • Xuja - Druid (GuildMaster) / Rændrop - Shaman (æ - ALT145)
  • Agustus - Paladin / Cahn - Mage
  • Yana - Paladin
  • Triepod - Monk

Below is a list of our higher ranking veteran members. You can seek any one of them out in game to find out more information about our guild.

  • Myph - Shaman
  • Baimel- Paladin
  • Heretichal - Warlock

Please note: This is just a basic overview of how our guild works. Nothing here is written in stone. If you have any questions, please find an officer in game for assistance.Thank you again for your interest in Torn Reality!

Please email trgmxuja@gmail.com or add me on Battle Tag Xuja#1311 to answer any questions you may have!

You can also check us out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TornReality

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Way to go Twat Waffles pushing hard through progression! Awesome job everyone!

#11 Siegecrafter Blackfuse down!
#10 Spoils of Pandaria down!
#9 Malkorok down!

#8 General Nazgrim down!
General Nazgrim
#7 Dark Shaman down!
Dark Shaman

#6 Iron Juggernaut down!
Iron Juggernaut

#5 Galakras down!

#4 Sha of Pride down!
Sha of Pride

#3 Norushen down!

#2 Fallen Protectors down!
#1 Immerseus down!
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